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In the end, it’s about our DIRECT relationship with our clients.  We establish a LOCAL presence and build an engagement service that is tailored for each customer’s need. 

Investor Due Diligence

Technology Due Diligence is not a superficial investigation. It comprises a detailed study of every aspect of the target’s IT operations. It is essential to uncover potential technology liabilities and financial risks (current and future) to make sure that nothing remains in the unknown territory.

  • Infrastructure Evaluation & Network Performance
  • Financial Budget - IT OpEx/CapEx 
  • Full IT & Security Assessment/Audit
  • IT/Operations/DevOps
  • Business/Financial System Assessment
  • Processes, Practices & Tools
  • Vendor Contracts & Licenses
  • Network Vulnerability & Compliance Audits
  • Business Continuity & DR Planning
  • People & Organization 
Retail Technology & Advisory

Retailers large and small are going through a major transformation that is led by their customers.  Retail organizations with aggressive growth initiatives want to move quickly into the market, but are hampered by limited IT resources and infrastructure not equipped for the next step.  

  • Retail Technology Optimization
  • VoIP Phone Solutions
  • Store Connectivity Solutions
  • Business/Financial System Assessment
  • Server/Data Backups & Continuity
  • Vendor Contract Evaluations
  • PCI Compliance Audits
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Network Performance & IT Audits
  • New Store Deployments & Site Readiness
  • Secured WiFi Solutions
  • Structured Cabling & Infrastructure
New Store, Contact Center & Office Development

New location openings or complete remodels are stressful. Launching on time is critical. Delays mean lost business and reduced credibility.  Managing all the moving parts at multiple openings can stretch even the best corporate IT organizations. Without dedicated project management skills and experience, costly mistakes happen or worse, you don't open on time or on budget.  

  • Store Infrastructure Design/Build
  • Project Management
  • Point of Sale Installations
  • In-Store Wireless/Placement Assessments
  • Structured Cabling / Infrastructure/ Fiber
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • SD-WAN
  • Primary & Fail Over Data Circuits
  • VoIP Phones & Paging Systems
  • National Field Technician Services
  • Audio/Video
  • Sound Masking
Hotel & Resort Development

Today’s Hotel operators and developers have a heavy workload. Offloading decisions regarding technology, reducing the need to interact with multiple vendors, and keeping budgets at an acceptable level, are all things which can make life easier.  Eliminate unnecessary investments and impress your guests with the correct blend of technology that enhances the customer's experience.

  • Resort Infrastructure Design/Build
  • Project Management
  • Guest Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Front-End Administration Technology
  • Low-Voltage Wiring / Structured Cabling
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Technology Hardware Provisioning
  • Primary & Fail Over Data Circuits
  • VoIP Phones & Paging Systems
  • Managed IT Services
Construction Site Technologies

Netverta provides the ideal solution for construction firms that require off-site
networks for fast file sharing and efficient communication with vendors, GC's staff and
subs. We deliver high speed connectivity to customized site infrastructure that line
up with construction timelines.

  • Site to Site Network Connectivity
  • Remote Infrastructure Deployments
  • Secured Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Onsite IT Project Managment
  • Structured Cabling / Fiber / Infrastructure
  • Wireless Networking & Installations
  • Technology Hardware Provisioning
  • Dedicated Internet Services
  • Construction Trailer Hardware Solutions
  • 24x7 Field Services
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