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Hosted and Cloud Platform Management

Pivot Easily.  Control Costs.  Maintain Control.  Increase Visibility.

The key to a successful transformation is to slowly, piece by piece, replace your legacy technology with newer systems.  
Key Benefits to Cloud and Hosted Solutions: 
  • Increased Multi-Platform Support & Portability
  • Increased Performance & Processing Capabilities
  • Ability to Up or Down with Business Trends
  • Application Efficiencies
  • In Most Cases - Significant Cost Reduction
Legacy applications aren’t built on next generation platforms. Major challenges include compliance, security, privacy and regulatory issues, not to mention the rising costs of trying to keep your infrastructure supported and up-to-date.
Modernizing your technology has proven results and the immediate benefits will provide a piece of mind that your environment is ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Benefits of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Consolidation

The benefits of moving to the Cloud are real, and odds are your business is in a position to realize the advantages offered by a cloud-based solution.  More importantly, it gives you the ability to remain nimble as business trends scale up or down.

A cloud-based infrastructure pivots with your business, can be easily customized for your specific business needs, and is cost-effective.  Better yet, using a cloud-based infrastructure means that even if disaster strikes, you can still access critical files from anywhere.

With a variety of available options, including a public cloud (like AWS, Azure, etc.), a Private Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud (a mix of both), partnering with experienced cloud service providers will ensure you receive the right solution for your organization. At Netverta, our cloud expert services can help your business start winning with a modernized technology strategy.

Rethink your cloud environment workflow

As businesses transition to the cloud bit by bit, their processes develop workarounds to cope with the lack of integration. A fully cloud-based work environment makes those workarounds obsolete, but you may still be using them out of habit. It’s time to rethink your workflow. Netverta can help.

Our team thrives on problem-solving. When we find a hopelessly convoluted system, we're prepared to jump in and de-tangle it. That’s why, when we help a business with cloud integration, we’re not just moving all their cloud applications into one place—we’re designing a cloud environment tailored to their needs.

Cloud integration requires coordination among several key stakeholders, including your leadership team, your IT department, and your data center. With so many moving parts, having a knowledgable group of specialists managing the transition leads to a more efficient outcome by cutting down on disruption and miscommunication.


Netverta is ready to step in to that role. We work alongside your team to ensure critical information is transferred to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.

Integrate cloud environments without disruption

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